Restaurant Gustavo - the plate never lies

The day at Gustavo, a Mediterranean restaurant, begins with baking bread. Crispy on the outside, velvety soft on the inside. The bread is the beautiful result of our restaurateur and head chef Markus' closely guarded recipe. We've grown accustomed to plates being almost wiped clean with that bread, and from that, we always know the food has been enjoyed.

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Gustavo is a delicate fusion of the best seasonal ingredients, Mediterranean inspiration, and the unique ambiance of the Aura River. Handpicked wines and the finest selections from Italy, France, Spain, and the Mediterranean shores come together here. In Gustavo, umami and sour mingle harmoniously with delicate sweetness. And that bread has already gone into the oven today, welcome.

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What is round and disappears quickly?

You're absolutely right, Gustavo's pizza. In Gustavo, pizza is crafted using traditional Italian methods. You can choose between Roman or Neapolitan style. There's no rush with the dough; it's allowed to rise peacefully to maintain its flavor and achieve airiness. Quality is present in every ingredient, right down to the flour. Gustavo's pizza is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, sliced generously onto plates. While we want you to be part of our restaurant's atmosphere, it's worth mentioning that on Saturdays, our pizzas can also arrive at your home through Wolt or Foodora.

Wine is not just a beverage – at its best, it's poetry.

In the end, it's quite simple. Wine is good if it tastes good to you. Real expertise comes into play when seeking the best connection between wine and the menu. Relentless pursuit is our central characteristic here. We establish an exceptional connection between wine and food – we create a duo, so that your evening is sprinkled with pure magic. That's why our cellar is never complete but always nearly full.

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A good menu is like a captivating story.

Naturally, we've fine-tuned our menu, as a respectable Mediterranean restaurant should remain current. Of course, we listen to our customers, so we haven't dared to consign certain classics to the archives of history. Don't worry, quail legs and our vitello tonnato are still part of our menu. Likewise, the intense flavor of Iberico pork continues to accompany you towards empty plates.


So, Gustavo is, among other things, a restaurant.

You can experience us, like a quality restaurant. But we're also much more. Our space allows for various events, or we can bring Gustavo to you – everything you can think of. We're more than happy to discuss these options with you. And let's not forget that a Gustavo gift card is always an excellent choice for someone who has everything, including an appetite.

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