Mediterranean lovers

Leading Gustavo's passionate team is chef Markus Rautala, for whom the Mediterranean is a great source of inspiration. Lina Isaksson takes care of the dining room, with the unforgettable culinary journey of the customer as her greatest goal. Carlos Granati manages the pizza oven, developing pizza culture while honoring tradition. Everyone at Gustavo knows their important role – and they enjoy fulfilling it.


Every moment, meal, or glass can be an experience and a journey. In Gustavo's dining area, customers are guided on a Mediterranean flavor adventure by Lina Isaksson. Lina always has a twinkle in her eye, aiming to provide you with the perfect customer experience. Her greatest passion is offering new taste sensations, alongside high-quality wines and Gustavo's excellent dishes. Lina's absolute love is sparkling beverages and, after that, the pintxos crafted by Markus.


The restaurant is steered by its chef and owner, Markus Rautala. Inspired by varied travels and friends as close as family, the Mediterranean's food, drink, and culture have nestled in Petrus's heart. This passion for Mediterranean cuisine sparked an idea. From this idea, Gustavo was born.


The great master behind Gustavo’s pizza is Carlos Granati. His love for pizza and Mediterranean kitchen comes from his Italian roots. In his philosophy, pizza is in continuous evolution, yet still honors the traditions of Naples pizza. The secrets behind the Gustavo’s delicacies are using special flours in the dough and letting it rest for 72 hours. Carlos’ all-time favorite is Margarita – it’s where the story begins.

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